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Another High Position Senior Manager At Uber Quits The Lucrative Job To Join Another Tech Giant.

The ride-hailing giant company, Uber recently encountered a new resignation of a senior management employee, Shweta Rajpal Kohli from her position as chief of policy for India and South Asia. The controversial series of the company continued after the resignation of the senior position manager who was appointed in order to put right the current unstable relations of the company with the regulatory bodies of the US. Shweta Kohli was a former Indian journalist who was appointed by the ride-hailing giant company in order to ensure that the relations of the companies with the regulatory authorities are restructured and rectified which were affected due to past controversies and allegations. According to the sources, Shweta Kohli resigned Uber in order to join another tech giant company Inc.

This is considered to be a setback for the company since she was responsible for leading different engagements with various government agencies and regulatory authorities in many influential circles which were much needed by the company in the current situation. The first controversy which the company encountered in India was about a sexual rape of a woman in New Delhi in 2014 which led to ban on the Uber taxis in the city. Then there were allegations by the same victim about illegally obtaining her medical records by the company in last year which led to a lawsuit against the company. There were allegations against the company about unhealthy working culture and caste and racial discrimination which damaged the reputation of the company to a great extent. The series of employees from the top management leaving the company due to certain reasons related to working culture and management approach to handling the situation continued over the year. The icing on the cake situation was the termination of the Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick from his position by the board of directors.

The company has encountered so many allegations and controversies in the current year that it requires a stable management employee in the senior management circle in order to heal the poised relationship of the company with the regulatory authorities and government departments. The company considers the Indian market to be their second largest economy market for their product and services. These unstable conditions in the company are delaying the overall healing process of the company and jeopardizing the future of the company in the country. The strategic involvement of the SoftBank as the new investor with investments of $10 billion is the only strategic activity in favour of the company which could create some impact on the image and reputation of the company.