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Android N Developer Preview May Hit Non-Nexus Devices Soon

Android N Developer PreviewThe Google is trying hard to push the Android N Developer preview to Non-Nexus Users. The Google Never sent Android Developer Previews to any Non-Nexus Device before. A Reddit user has shared the screenshot of the HTML code from the Android N Developer Website. The HTML Source code contains the lines, which are as follows.

“Accompanying Android Beta Program for Consumers, Starting Later in this Preview, More Supported Devices, Including the devices from OEM partners. Seamless OTAs for your devices, from initial release to the Final N Release without Flashing.”

The above lines, written in the HTML Code of the Android N Preview website indicates the Rollout of Android N Preview for Non-nexus smartphones from OEM partners of Google. The Google collects feedback from Public and developers before launching any feature. Same with Android OS. Starting from Android Lollipop update, the Google Started rolling out the Android Developer Preview updates for Nexus series smartphone. The same trend happened with Android N preview. Now, to expand the feedback survey before launching the Android N, Google might enable the Android N Developer updates for Non-Nexus OEM partner smartphone.

The Report from Phonearena states that the Android N Preview might be rolled out soon for the Android smartphones, which uses the near-the-stock Android OS version. The Main OEM, which uses Near-the-Stock Android version, is Motorola, so the Non-Nexus series smartphones from Motorola may receive the Android N Preview. The big companies like HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, LG and other may not receive the preview update, because of lots of customizations in Stock.