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After Android 7.1.2 Update, Google Pixel and Nexus Users Face Fingerprint Sensor Issues

After Android 7.1.2 Update, Google Pixel and Nexus Users Face Fingerprint Sensor IssuesDue to the latest update of Android 7.1.2, Google Pixel or Nexus has faced problems regarding the functioning of the fingerprint sensor. The normal functioning of the fingerprint sensor in some devices has stopped, leading to failure in recognizing the authentication hardware. Google still don’t know how to tackle the problem but it is asking those users who are affected to give some feedback about the bug they have come across. A number of users have pointed out the same issue.

One of the users said I faced the same problem. After updating to the latest version, I got the message in red at the bottom of the screen when I tried unlocking my phone with my fingerprint ‘Fingerprint hardware not available’. It was shocking for me and hence I tried rebooting and clearing my cache with no change. I thought my fingerprints got deleted hence I re-added them but got the error as “Enrolment was not completed. Fingerprint enrolment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger.” He tried to fix the problem using safe mode and factory reset mode, but still, the problem continued to persist.

After several attempts, users noticed that the option to use a finger print to unlock the phone had suddenly disappeared from the settings menu. In order to fix this problem, the company has asked affected users of Google Pixel and Nexus to post the way they received an update whether through flashed OTA update or through another way.

The fingerprint sensor is one of the most important feature, hence issue regarding this has caused frustration among the users because once we get used to the fingerprint sensor, it’s too difficult to go back. Google is aware of the issue and working to find the best possible solution. Hence, users have to hold their breath till company comes up with the suitable solution within next couple of weeks.