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AMD Launches Three New 500-Series Graphics Cards: RX 580, 570 and 560

AMD Launches Three New 500-Series Graphics Cards - RX 580, 570 and 560AMD has introduced three new 500-Series graphics cards as an upgrade to 400-series RX 480, 470 and 460. The three new versions are namely RX 580, 570 and 560 which has improved clock speed, lower power consumption in the same price. Among all the three, RX 580 and RX 570 version is launched today having price £185 and £165 respectively for a 4GB version while RX 560 will go on sale in early May for £99.

Along with these 3 GPUs, the company has introduced the fourth one – RX 550, which is designed especially for cheap PC playing low-end eSports games. These are not actually the Vega cards. Instead of using ‘Polaris 20 XTX’, the predecessor of ‘Polaris 10′ architecture, the company has made use of 400-series chips. 550 series will go for sale tomorrow i.e. April 20.

The core features of RX 580 resemble RX 480. It includes 36 compute cores with 256-bit memory interface that is clocked at 1257 MHz and boosts to 1340 MHz which is 100 MHz more than RX 480. Entire 500 series have the same clock speed. According to AMD, RX 570 that aims at 60FPS 1080p gaming is 2.3X faster than the R7 370. The RX 560 functions for e-sports players and is 57 percent faster than the R7 360.

All the three 500 series cards have the same features – they have the same number of computing units, stream processors, texture units and same memory configurations similar to 400 series versions. Clock speed and power consumption only make a huge difference. The improvement in the power consumption is due to the introduction of a third ‘intermediate memory state’ between the high performance and lower power states of the previous RX 400 series. Due to upgrade in driver improvements of RX 480, it is in competition with Nvidia’s GTX 1060, especially when it comes to price.