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Amazon’s Prime Now Soon to be Integrated in to

Amazon's Prime NowAmazon’s quick home delivery service will be integrated into the environment. The Prime-Now, which is the logistics service of Amazon, which offers 2-hour delivery and 1-hour delivery to the Amazon Prime members, will be integrated into Ecosystem to help users to use it with extra cost. Currently, Amazon Prime members can order perishable goods with the two-hour delivery option for free and one-hour delivery for $7.99 only. The Prime-now was available only through the native app, but Amazon team is eager to adapt and integrate it.

In a news report from Bloomberg, it was said that the Amazon is quite happy with the performance of Prime-Now service. The Prime-Now has worked better from its launch, which happened in December 2014. The Prime now offers Amazon Prime member a free two-hour delivery and $7.99/- for one-hour delivery of individual items. Mostly, users can order groceries and perishable items with Prime now.

In starting days, Prime-Now was available only in Manhattan city, but soon after the launch, it was expanded in almost 20 cities of US and International presence in London, UK. The items, which cannot be sold on website, are available on the Prime-Now app. Now, with this proposed integration, Amazon users can order the groceries and perishable items like Egg, vegetables, milk, etc. from Amazon website.