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Amazon Prime Now Food Delivery Service Started in San Francisco

Amazon Prime Now Food Delivery Service Started in San FranciscoThe E-commerce giant just introduced the Meal Delivery service in San Francisco. The Local Food Delivery Service, Amazon Prime Now is offering local restaurant food delivery service. The Current operations of this facility are spread across 8 Cities and 33 Zip codes in the United States. The San Francisco is the eighth city in the Amazon Prime Now operations zone.

The Amazon Prime Now is offering the Meal Delivery Service with the help of Local Restaurants in those eight cities. The Amazon Prime Now app users can know the status of Availability of Food Delivery service by entering the ZIP code in the app. If the ZIP code of the user comes in the service area, then the Food Delivery Service by Prime Now will able to deliver food. The Amazon Prime Now service comes with a price tag of $99 per year and some cheeky perks. The Amazon Prime Now offers one-hour and two-hours express delivery on several items, like Perishable Goods.

To attract customers to Prime Now food delivery service, Amazon Launched the “No Menu Markup Guarantee”. If the user finds the food item on Prime Now listed with a higher price than the original restaurant menu card, then the Amazon will refund the full amount to the user. Also, Amazon Prime Now delivers food items at the doorstep in one hour.