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Amazon Echo Will Soon Receive Push Notifications From Alexa

Amazon Echo has announced on Tuesday, May 16, that its smart digital assistant called Alexa will be able to read out notifications from any device including the notifications from Echo device.Amazon Echo Will Soon Receive Push Notifications From Alexa

The push notifications feature sounds interesting because until now the smart digital assistants were not efficient at delivering the information. But now your Amazon Echo device can inform you via push notifications. For instance, the device can notify you regarding the dangerous weather conditions like storms. This new leap will help Amazon to compete against its rivals like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. But the new notification feature arriving at Amazon Echo will be useful or annoying is yet to be seen.

Amazon has taken this initiative to cater to the needs of customers who have requested for the digital assistant Alexa to be more proactive. In upcoming months Amazon Echo device and the third-party Alexa devices can receive notifications from any device that developers decide to build. All the notifications will arrive on the device but they won’t be read aloud until users ask: “Alexa, what are my notifications?”

Once the notification rolls out, users will be able to activate notifications for each Alexa skill through Amazon Alexa app. Whenever there is a new notification a chime and green light will appear on the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, or Amazon Echo Show. This light will help users to know that some notifications on the device are pending and the user can ask “Alexa, what did I miss?”.

The users can also disable the notifications via a voice command or through Amazon Alexa app. The devices in which Do Not Disturb mode, the notifications will be suppressed temporarily. The companies which will first update their Alexa skills are AccuWeather, Just Eat, The Washington Post and Life360.

Users can get breaking news update from The Washington Post site and weather information from AccuWeather. The notifications feature has still a couple of months to go and in near future, the Amazon Echo device will be able to read out the Facebook and Twitter notifications to the users, notify them about football scores and such possibilities are endless.