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Amazon Is Eagerly Waiting To Buy Slack For More Than $9 Billion

Amazon, the online retailer is rumored to be interested in buying Slack for more than $9 billion. Slack is the cloud-based messaging platform developed in 2013. The news comes from Bloomberg report.Amazon Is Eagerly Waiting To Buy Slack For More Than $9 Billion

Slack is widely adopted messaging service by many business-like Airbnb, Harvard University, BuzzFeed and many others. Out of many companies, Amazon is the one who has expressed their interest in purchasing that company.

Amazon is basically known for its e-commerce service and the company is now expanding the scope of its business to many other sectors like food delivery cloud service (Amazon Drive, Amazon Web Services). All the top-five companies in the US have the messaging platform like Apple has iMessage, Microsoft has Outlook and Teams, Facebook has Messenger and Google has Hangouts.

Although the Slack if free messaging platform which can be freely downloaded it charges users for additional services like unlimited communication, history, support, statistics etc. Out of the total 5 million daily active users, 1.5 million of these people pay for the service.

The Amazon’s offer to Slack comes after the launch of Enterprise option which helps the major companies like PayPal, IBM to manage thousands of employees. The Amazon’s move towards purchasing Slack indicates that the company is interested in expanding the scope of their business. What modification and re-design will be applied to Slack after it is acquired by Amazon is not yet clear.

The business-oriented messaging platform Slack stands for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge. Slack which was founded by Stewart Butterfield has also launched second video game studio called Tiny Speck and Glitch but the latter one failed in beta stage.

But the Tiny speck’s messaging service is designed to facilitate the communication between Slack’s Canadian and U.S. teams which was very popular. The usage of Glitch was stopped in 2012 but Tiny Speck managed to survive till 2014.