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Amazon Dash Button Project Increasing in US – AWS(Amazon Web Services) IoT Button

Amazon Dash ButtonAlmost one year ago, released the “Dash Button”, for ordering items with just a click. The Dash buttons or the push buttons are made for the single purpose, i.e., ordering only one item. The Dash Button was launched in the US exactly one year ago, which was the day of April 1st. The idea behind this push button is to let users order only one thing.

Today, Amazon announced that they are expanding this Dash Button program in the USA. Currently, With Dash Button, users can request only one thing per button. There are very few brands associated with Dash Button project. But Amazon announced that there are more brands willing to join, which will improve the experience of shopping through the Dash Button. The brands like Zico Premium Coconut water, Stayfree sanitary pads, Energizer batteries, etc. will have their own Dash button. As per Amazon, The orders coming from Dash buttons increased by 75% in last three months.

Currently, the Dash Button is available for US Customers of Amazon for only $4.99 per Dash Button. The company refunds the money after ordering it the first time. Dash Buttons have an Adhesive strip on back to stick it anywhere. Also, it has stickers of the brands. The items ordered through the Amazon Dash Buttons will be delivered from Amazon Prime two-day shipping.