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Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi tops the list of being most stressed states in America

Every individual on Earth goes through tough times at some point in their life that causes stress. But what differs us from other people is the way in which we handle stress. According to a new study, the place where you live can also affect your stress levels.Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi tops the list of being most stressed states in America

WalletHub, a personal finance website located in Washington, D.C. have conducted a study to find out highly stressed stated of America. Their findings show that Alabama tops the list of being stressed states and Minnesota have recorded lowest stress levels.

The research study

For the purpose of the study, the individuals from 50 states of America were analyzed. The study included 4 basic factors related to stress which is work, family, health and security/ safety.

The researchers have designed 33 metrics related to the above four factors, for instance, workload, shift timings, job security, health related issues to name a few. Each metric had to grade up to 100. The 100 level mark indicates the highest level of stress.

The stress-related information was also collected from U.S. Census, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and various other sources to develop this ranking.

Findings of the study

According to data gathered from various sources and residents, Alabama was ranked first being the most stressed state and the stress level recorded was 56.91. The high-stress levels might be linked to the poor health and less number of psychologists. Also, the residents of Alabama do not follow healthy sleep habits that affect their physical well-being.

After Alabama, the second most stressed state was Louisiana followed by Mississippi. The stress level recorded in these states were 56.22 and 55.62 respectively.

On contrary, the residents of Minnesota have reflected low-stress levels. Their stress score was 31.07. Also, the residents here are healthy as compared to other states due to the large number of psychologists present in the region. Also, the residents there have sound sleep and least divorce rates.

In conclusion, the southern states of America depict high-stress levels as compared to the middle states of America.