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45 minutes of exercise every day can enhance the brain power of the people over-fifties

Everyone is aware of the benefits that exercise provides us in long run. The recent study has revealed that just 45 minutes of exercise for several days a week can boost your brain power during 50’s.45 minutes of exercise every day can enhance the brain power of the people over-fifties

Also, many past studies have shown that even one session of moderate aerobic and resistance activity is necessary to improve alertness, enhance memory power and decision-making ability. Hence, there is no alternative for exercise when it comes to boosting memory and skills, says Australian researchers.

The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Canberra. The team of researchers studied 39 past studies for establishing a concrete link between exercise and brainpower that will help people in their 50s.  During the study, a structured physical exercise which was carried out for 4 weeks and its impact on the functioning of adult brains was analyzed.

The results of the study have revealed that moderate physical activities during middle age have improved the information processing ability, memory and alertness in this group. This holds true for the people who are suffering from mental decline problems.

Being physically active improves muscular strength, decrease cholesterol levels. On contrary, these benefits diminish within few months as soon as the person stops the physical activity. The detailed study has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Aerobic activities like swimming, cycling, running, weight training, multicomponent training and tai chi were beneficial in improving the brain power. The health benefits were seen irrespective of the current brain health of an individual.

The link between physical activity and brain power is that as age increases the brain power decline but if you exercise the cell damage and inflammation can be reduced. Exercise keeps healthy oxygen supply in our body and makes sure that there is proper flow of blood and nutrients to the brain.

The brain scans that were taken have depicted an increase in a number of brain cells and blood vessels in some portion of the brain. Hence proper exercise and diet is key to well-being.