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Facebook Struggles To Prevent Violence On Facebook Live

Facebook LiveFacebook’s Facebook Live was one of the newest feature added to share live videos with the audience and friends. Live video is the future of Facebook and Facebook Live was to achieve that future. This was considered as a simple feature to enhance the audience’s experience of not only connecting but also providing a platform to go live. But people started using Facebook Live as a platform to showcase torture.

There have been many controversial videos streaming live on Facebook Live related to torture and hatred like the assault of a 15 years old girl, Philando Castile’s Death videos to name a few. Facebook has already been in many controversies earlier and Facebook tried to promote this Facebook Live through television and other social media and advertising campaign as a mere medium to share live videos with friends and closed ones.

Facebook immediately removed these kind of videos which promotes violence or hatred. The major issue related to Facebook Live is that the videos and the audience is live and cannot be filtered until and unless the video is complete. Since it can never be predicted what is going live, it is very difficult to filter is and stop it in real time.

If we see at the trend these kind of violence was only textual in the past, slowly and gradually promoting to be visual photos and today it has been videos. Looking at the trend and instance in Facebook Live case, assumptions are that the things could get worse in near future. According to Facebook, they have a team 24X7, all days through the week to report such kind of videos that promote violence and to be removed from the site.

Facebook during a press release comment that they have no intention to promote any kind of violence related videos that glorify violent acts, but even they as a social media giant have their own limitations. The video cannot be removed if the video is not been reported as inappropriate.

Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and YouTube seems to be having a common data base with the data shared among all of them which will help them to track the IDs and videos related to such violence and remove them completely and can go further extend to ban such individuals.

Facebook has been trying every single effort to get rid of all the drawbacks and short comings of their new feature Facebook Live because this is considered as the future of Facebook.